Do what you’re good at and we’ll take care of the rest!

Do what you’re good at and we’ll take care of the rest!​

Since 1990, we’ve worked with over 1000 businesses, bookkeeping, credit control answering their calls, managing their diaries, and dealing with routine tasks within their businesses, allowing them to

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What will AD-PA do for me?

Give you time

When your to-do list is always full, some of the fundamentals - like returning calls and making appointments – will get left behind. AD:PA can take that off your list, ensuring your day runs smoothly, without you having to spend time on the mundane office tasks.

Help you become more organised

Managing your diary and keeping up with client calls is easier can be stressful and time consuming, and if you're not naturally organised, it's difficult too. Your AD:PA team member can help you overcome that challenge, by doing what needs to be done, without you needing to spend time on it.

Manage tasks

Whether it's spreadsheet admin, or inbox management, these tasks shouldn't be on your desk, they should be on ours.

Improve your business without the stress and cost of recruitment

A virtual support team gives you the same benefit as an employee, but without the hassle of, holidays, sickness, pension, training etc. Plus, no recruitment process.

What do you waste time doing?

Where do you steal time from to do the jobs you’ve been putting off?

Most people steal time they would prefer to spend doing something they love with the people they love.

They miss school plays, birthdays, anniversaries, give up hobbies, turn down invites from friends and family… basically anything that brings them joy.  And when all the jobs are done, wonder why they are alone and miserable.

The good news is that we have a solution for you
your very own PA!

Here’s just some of the things your PA will help you with

Managing your diary

We take over your calendar and diary, making sure your meetings are all booked in, nothing clashes and letting you know where you need to be and when.

Handling your inbox

your inbox is without a doubt one of the biggest time drains in your working week, and there’s no doubt you’ll get several hours back if you hand it over to us.

Customer service

whether its support tickets, social media DM's or calls. However, your customers contact you we can provide them with wow moments and outstanding customer service.

Follow up enquiries

Do you even have a 'follow up' process? Do you miss out on opportunities as you don’t have time to field them? Your dedicated BST assistant can call all leads and make sure they get the attention and service they deserve.

Social media management

In this day and age a good social media presence is essential, and we can make it happen for you, from creating content, to posting them, to engaging with customers and prospects directly.

Following up on your leads and prospects

However you record, and track leads we can manage it for you,
and if you don’t currently do this,
we can set it up for you too.

The bottom line is that we can be your business support team, saving you time, that you can spend improving and growing your business for a fraction of the hassle and cost of recruiting an employee yourself.

AD PA+ Your virtual reception team

We answer all your calls so you can focus on doing business.

We guarantee.

Here’s how it works

  1. Talk to us, tell us how and when you want your calls answered
  2. We set you up on our system, and you’re all set up!
  3. You sit back, safe in the knowledge that your calls are being answered, your marketing pounds aren’t being wasted, customers are getting what they need, and you can get on with the high-value business building tasks that should be filling your diary.

If you are looking for more than routine admin and reception services, we also offer

AD: Bookkeeper

AD: Payroll

AD: Financial Controller

AD: Financial Director

AD: Virtual Office